Using the Lacerta MGEN with a Nikon DSLR

I’m a very happy user of the Lacerta MGEN autoguider and have been using it successfully for a year now.
It is a great device that always works and gets me guiding very quickly. The MGEN can even be connected to your DSLR and has exposure control and dithering. Especially dithering is of course a great feature, as this will help a great deal to get smoother/cleaner images. However, until recently I was under the impression that this was possible with Canon camera’s only.
Luckily I was wrong.

Lacerta MGEN with Nikon

Although it is often not advertised, the Lacerta MGEN works perfectly fine together with a Nikon camera!

Connecting the MGEN to the Nikon D7000
You actually can connect the MGEN to a Nikon D7000 using the Pixel Camera Connection Cable CL-DC2 and an adapter to go from 2.5mm jack to 3.5mm.
And that’s it! It is as easy as that! Once connected it works straight out of the box and the MGEN can control the Nikon DSLR.
I can’t wait to try this in the field and test the effect of the dithering!

Note:Please be sure to check out the proper connection type of your Nikon and get the appropriate connection cable from Pixel, since Nikon is using different types for different models.


  • Arnstein Dale

    Hi, can I ask you a question about the Lacerta MGEN…Can I use the Mgen with a tripod, a camera with a proper lens, and the Lacerta MGEN? Or do I need any motorized equipment? Regards Arnstein Dale

    • chrisvdberge

      I wouldn’t think using the MGEN without some form of tracking system that supports guiding would be a smart thing to do. It would just be a very expensive timer 😉
      Unless you are talking about using something like the Astrotrac on your tripod, then yes, you can use the MGEN to guide the Astrotrac.

    • Mark Brown

      You need a motorized mount that can track.
      All the Mgen does guiding wise is send signals to the mount to make up for the Periodic error of the mounts tracking ability.

  • Michael R

    Thanks for that. Indeed it works like a charm with a D750. 🙂

  • Derek K

    Thanks for this tip! Just to clarify, to quote from the Lacerta manual (below), they require an “open-collector” shutter input for shutter control–is that what the cable+adapter you mention offers?
    Thank you!
    The Autoexposure functional unit is also a separate part of the software. On its dedicated screen can be set up, started and stopped etc. The shutter signals generated by this functional unit appear on the 3.5mm stereo jack output connector and can be directly connected to a Canon EOS 550D or similar DSLR with such a shutter input (“open-collector” line). The AE’s function is to shutter Your DSLR synchronized with the device’s functions.

    • chrisvdberge

      I’m not sure how that technically is defined, but I know it works perfectly when connecting 3 camera’s to 1 mgen and just splitting that signal 😀

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