QHY working on cooled APS-C and Full Frame cameras

QHY will soon be releasing their so called COLDMOS cameras, which will encompass an APS-C model and Full Frame. Both will be color cameras, which is an interesting choice.

QHY posted an update on their Facebook with some specs (which we already knew ;)):


The QHY367C will be a 36MP sensor with a pixel size of 4.88um. Sounds familiar? That’s because it is the same sensor that is in the Nikon D810A. This is a really good sensor so this looks very promising.
However, because it will be a color camera, all it basically will bring is the cooling. And with chips like this one can debate whether cooling is even needed.
While gaining cooling, we loose the ability to work stand alone and use the camera for daytime photography.
To really judge how interesting this camera will be for me as a DSLR user, I guess it will all come down to the price.



Next to the full frame version, there will be a APS-C version; the QHY247C. This will be a 24MP sensor with a pixel size of 3.91um. Sounds familiar again? That’s because these are exactly the specs of the Nikon D5300. This is an excellent camera for astrophotography so I think this is a really good choice.
However, same arguments apply here as with the QHY367C; it will all come down to the price to see if this will be interesting.
update: People have been pointing out there are more chips with these specs, so at this point we don’t know which one exactly will be in the QHY247.

The dawn of a new era

We all knew this would be coming; CMOS are bound to replace CCDs in the end. And with these new models from QHY the ZWO ASI1600M will get some interesting competition and this could be a very good start of this transition.

What do you think; are these a good substitute for their DSLR version? Will you be buying one of these cameras?

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