Hickson 44 galaxy group with NGC3190

Hickson 44 Galaxy group with NGC3190

Hickson 44 with NGC3190 Subject information

NGC3190 is spiral galaxy we see in the middle of this image somewhat edge on. NGC3190 is a member of the Hickson 44 group located around 80 milion lightyears away in the constellation Leo. You can see by the tidal streams of the galaxies in this group that they are interacting gravitationaly with each other. If you look careful enough you will see the image filled with lots of faint galaxies.
NGC3190 is the galaxy that Apple used as desktop image in OS X Mountain Lion.

The crop shows the gravitational interaction in Hickson 44 quite clearly.

Image acquisition details

Date: 01/05/14
Location: La Palma
Optics: TS 10″ Newton
Mount: NEQ6 on fixed pier
Camera: Unmodified Nikon D7000 used at ISO800
Guiding: Lacerta MGEN
Exposure: 48 x 300 sec.

Processed in PixInsight
No darks, no flats, no bias

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