Comet C\2014 Q1 Panstarrs conjunction with Venus and Jupiter

Update: added photo’s from the 2nd and 3rd day the comet was visible

I only learned about this comet and the fact that it might be visible from southern skies yesterday. I learned it would be brightest that evening right after sunset and would make for a lovely picture together with Venus and Jupiter.
However, the days before the horizon was quite dusty up to 30 degrees or so at sunset here at Kiripotib, Namibia. So I hoped for a very clear and transparant night…
And we were lucky! Wind from the south means a very cold (-3 Celcius) but very clear and transparent night.

I had setup a timelapse with Nikon D7000 on the Cinetics Axis 360 and 50mm Nikkor F1.8 lens. At the same time I wanted to image the conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the comet with the Nikkor 80-200mm on the D600.
And this is the result (click to go to the full resolution of the image);

Day 1 – July 16

Day 2 – July 17

Day 3 – July 18

And some frames from the timelapse:


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