Controlling two camera’s with the Lacerta MGEN

The Lacerta MGEN is a great standalone autoguider that offers you the ability to control your DSLR with a timer of the MGEN. This enables you to use the dithering function of the MGEN, since it will know when your camera is in between exposures.
But what if you use a duo setup where you use two camera’s at the same time? You’ll have to make sure both camera’s are in between exposures for the dithering to work. Obviously you could make sure you press start on two timers at the same time, but wouldn’t it be way more easy and convenient if you could control 2 dslr’s with the Lacerta MGEN?
Well…. you can!

Controlling 2 dslr’s with the Lacerta MGEN

A while back I already mentioned you are able to use the Lacerta MGEN with a Nikon dslr. Looking at the cables and connectors one day I wondered: what if I just use a default little simple 3.5mm jack splitter? Would that enable me to control both camera’s at the same time with the MGEN?
Lacerta MGEN Controlling 2 Nikon's

So I decided to test this out. A simple 3.5mm jack 2x female to 1x male splitter and an extra Nikon cable + 2.5->3.5mm adapter did the trick! Just connect it all and the timer of the MGEN will control both camera’s.
This is great news for using the Lacerta MGEN with a duo camera setup where you want to use dithering and are able to use the same exposure times on both camera’s (you should be able to in 99% of the cases I would say ;))


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