Camera ISO usage for astrophotography

The question which ISO setting you should use for astrophotography is probably the most frequently asked one regarding dslr astrophotography. What probably adds to the confusion is the marketing focus on high ISO performance as if high ISO is something you should be using. Furthermore, a lot of people are actually using (ridiculously) high ISOs, which leads to all sorts of different opinions and advice. In a previous article I explained what the best ISO is in general and tried to help you determine the best ISO for your specific camera. Even though I was able to give a definite answer in general, in reality it is less obvious (for some models) what the best ISO is.
Therefor I want to create a master list of most used camera models and the best ISO(s) to test and use for astrophotography. As input for this list I’d like to learn the ‘user generated opinion’ as a reflection on what ISOs people use for all the camera models and see how that relates to the more objective advice I gave in the previous article.

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