24mm wide field of Lagoon Nebula in our Milky Way


While archiving my astrophotos I stumbled on this partly processed data of the wide field view of the Lagoon Nebula (and many other Messier objects) I took during my stay on La Palma in 2014.

Imaging with the Nikkor 24-85mm F2.8-F4

I don’t use this lens to much, but I wanted to try it out on 24mm and I think the result shows it’s definately usable on 24mm at F4. However, we can see that it’s not the sharpest lens out there, just as I already concluded during the lens test of the Nikkor 24-85mm.

Date: 04+05/05/2014
Location: La Palma
Optics: Nikkor 24-85mm F2.8-F4 used on 24mm F4
Mount: NEQ6
Camera: Unmodified Nikon D7000 used at ISO800
Guiding: none
Exposure: 50 x 180 sec.

Processed in PixInsight
No darks, no flats, no bias

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